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Meet Carrie-Anne

Carrie-Anne Diniz went from being the Financial Manager for several Travel companies, to currently being the Treasurer for an NPO and the founder of CentsAccountability.  Twenty years ago she decided to go out on her own and follow her passion of inspiring, teaching and empowering people.

Growing up Carrie-Anne was never taught how to manage money.  It was only after leaving school and starting her first job that she started to experience handling money.  “And I didn’t do a good job at it,” she says.  “As I earned more money, my availability to credit increased and I was able to open store accounts, and take out credit cards.  Before I knew it I had racked up over R100k in credit card debt.  I struggled each month to keep up with the repayments.  It got so bad that I almost had my car repossessed.  It was then that I decided I could not live like that anymore.  And so started my journey to manage my money better.  I started reading books on money management.  I watched online training and attended events.  I also knew that if I was going to manage my money better, I needed to not only shift my spending habits, I also needed to change my beliefs around money.

At first I would set-up a budget and failed miserably at sticking to it.  It was only by constantly working with it and tweaking it that I finally got it right. This did not happen overnight though, it took months of failing before I achieved success.

I also started to save, but then something would come up and I would have to use my savings, and that was because I have not understood the need for an Emergency Fund and a fund that covered my 3 – 6 months of my expenses. Now I get super excited watching my savings grow each month, it has become a game for me.  Instead of paying interest, I am now earning interest.”

Carrie-Anne has worked with many small business owners and individuals over the past 20 years, helping them with their finances.  She has run several training events over the years and has created several Online courses around Money Management.  She had a article featured in Your Business magazine and was a guest on a local radio talk show on money management.

Carrie-Anne’s passion and mission is to inspire people of all walks of life to not only manage their money better, but to inspire them to become all that they can be.  She believes, we all have everything we need inside ourselves right now, to achieve our dreams and goals.

Feedback from our clients

I find your messages inspiring… At times I wish I would have listened more to your advice as an expert. You are fun to work with and always bring some lightness in a serious environment. You are dedicated to your clients and walks more than the extra mile.
Manndi Schuld

You did a fantastic talk this morning at Xtraordinary Women. Your energy is just stunning and everyone who gets a chance of your service is a blessing.
Bea Chory

Indeed your advice has helped me. I managed to draft my expenses and bills. I have now saved R500 from cutting my bills and grocery shopping, I am grateful for your help, and I am looking forward to saving more money this year.
Lebongang Motsheki

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Get Free Access to Carrie-Anne's Managing Your Money CourseJoin the thousand of subscribers and learn how to take control of your money and your life.