Ultimate Monthly Money Challenge

Save more of your money by challenging yourself to find the rands you didn’t know you had!

Do you struggle to save money?

Often when you are barely getting by, it seems impossible to find additional ways to save money. Learning how to save on a regular basis can be hard. But what’s even harder is turning saving into a daily habit. Habits aren’t formed overnight. In fact, it can take as long as 90 days for a behavior to become automatic.

It took me years to get into the habit of saving.  In the beginning, I struggled not just with saving but finding the money to save. Lots of stop, start attempts to save.  I would build up a little money then something would happen and I would need to use the money and start all over again.

However once I got the hang of it, it became a game to me.  I loved watching my savings grow.  I would look for ways to challenge myself, finding new ways of having more money to save.

money saving challenge can be a fun and effective way to help with developing those habits, and to provide the motivation and accountability to stick with it. You can either take the challenge yourself or find a friend who wants to take it along with you. Having a friend join you in the challenge can make it a little more fun, and it may also serve as extra motivation.


So are you up for the challenge? Then don’t delay, get started TODAY!

Ultimate Monthly Money Challenge