You’ve probably noticed that your electricity bill is one of those expenses that can easily get out of hand. This alone is a good enough reason to save on your electricity usage (and your electricity bill).
With South Africa being an increasingly water-scarce and energy-costly country, we’re all keen to save more and waste less. So, what are the big users of water and energy? And what works to reduce usage? Here’s the latest research and advice. Follow these  simple ways to save money on your utility bill.



Geysers are the biggest power guzzlers in our homes. They account for 32% of a typical household’s energy consumption. You only need hot water at certain times throughout the day, so there is no need to keep it on all day. Rather turn it on a few hours before you need hot water.


Switch off the lights when they are not needed.
Use fewer bulbs with higher wattage. For instance, one 100 watt bulb produces the same light as two 60 watt bulbs. Dimming switches reduce electricity consumption.
Use new energy efficient light bulbs. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money. CFL light bulbs use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Use Fans

If you have ceiling fans, take advantage of them! Your A/C uses one-fourth of your household energy. That’s way more than any other appliance. Now, understand that fans don’t bring down room temperature. But they do make a room FEEL cooler because of the moving air. They can also reduce the humidity in your home.


Fill the dishwasher completely before operating it. Turn off the dishwasher before the drying cycle so that you can wipe the dishes clean with a dry cloth.
When buying a dishwasher, look for energy saving features like a short wash cycle. Install your dishwasher away from your refrigerator. The dishwasher’s heat and moisture make the refrigerator work harder.

Tumble Dryers.

Tumble dryers that operate with an electronic humidity control are the most efficient. They automatically shut off the drying cycle when clothes are dry.
Use correct temperature settings to minimise the amount of electricity used. Remove water before putting clothes into the tumble dryer. On sunny days, take the opportunity to dry your clothes outside.


Use pressure cookers when preparing food that takes a long time to cook. Match pots and pans to stove plates. Small pots on large plates waste electricity.
Don’t use pots with distorted bottoms. Switch off the plates or oven before food is fully cooked. This allows you to finish your cooking without using energy.

Unplug appliances when you are not using them.

Get in the habit of not just turning off the lamp but unplugging it. Even items that are turned off pull electricity when they are plugged in. An easy way to do this is plug things into a power strip and unplug it when you are not using them.
With a few simple, no-cost or inexpensive changes you can easily lower your utility costs this month. Use these simple ways to save money on your utility bill right away.

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