Our clients have the option to outsource their entire bookkeeping function to us, to let us handle only certain areas of their books or to let us fine-tune the books they produce themselves. Proper record keeping and bookkeeping is the foundation for accounting and proper reporting. The better you keep your books, the more meaningful and relevant the reports you will receive.

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Organisations are responsible for the correct calculation, deduction and payment of PAYE and other statutory payments from the salaries of their staff. Organisations have to comply with legislative requirements and minimise the negative effects of incorrect calculations on the cash flows of employees at the end of the tax year.



We handle  all your statutory returns, from registration to submission.




Financial Services Management Services





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AliceHausner“Travel By Cher has made use of Carrie-Anne’s accounting services since we opened on 01-05-2007. The administration for the travel industry can be extremely complicated and Carrie-Anne has always done her best to provide us with excellent advice and extremely good service.”   
Alice Hausner – Travel By Cher

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