Empower your Business Financially Webinar


The number one cause for a business closing its doors is a lack of ‘Financial Empowerment’. And in an entrepreneur’s life – Financial Empowerment translates into a healthy cash flow. When a business is in financial stress – it affects everything in the business – from customer service and deliver to the business’s culture, values and ethics – all vital in the relationship with your suppliers and customers. It also goes without saying that the Financial Empowerment of any business also affects their staff complement – a healthy Financial Empowered status equates to a healthy staff.

It means the staff will are less stressed and are secure in their jobs – which results in better work ethic and a better culture in the company on the whole. The first steps to Financial Empowerment is empowering your cash flow…and this means having a system, knowing the cycles in your business and changing your focus and working with the positive.

Join us at this informative and empowered webinar to hear more…

Please note there is LIMITED Space,so secure your seat today!

Date:    11th November 2015

Time:    19h00 – 19h45

Venue: Online Webinar




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