Ultimate Monthly Money Challenge

Save more of your money by challenging yourself to find the rands you didn’t know you had!

Managing your Money

To take control of your money is to take control of your life. Are you ready to get started?

Money Managing the Flow

Taking the time to manage your money better can rally pay off.

Personal Financial Crisis

No matter how well you manage your cash, you might still face a time when money flowing in is not enough to cover your financial commitments. Even if it’s only temporary, a cash crunch is stressful for anyone. 

How to Create a Budget, (when you don't really want to)!

Are you fed-up with getting to the end of every month and wondering where all your money went. Then this is the course for you.


The Power of Self Esteem

 Develop and maintain your sense of self-worth regardless of your achievements and what others think of you.