The start of a new year always feels like the time to re-examine our goals and create new ones. It’s a common time to get your finances in order.

Saving challenges are popular for helping you get creative with saving. Sometime, there is hesitation to join them out of fear.

Nobody wants to do one and then fail to complete it, right?

Well, savings challenges are more than just completing them. They jump start your savings and get you on track to developing a consistent savings habit. Which is important when it comes to reaching your dreams.

Most people struggle with saving money. In fact, it was probably one of the hardest habits .

When I first started my savings journey, I would save R500, only to find myself needing it the next week. This went on for over a year. I would save, use it, save some more, and then use it. It seemed like I could never get ahead or save enough to make a significant impact in my life.

This is why these savings challenges are so important. I learned during that time that even on the smallest budget, you can still save money. The amount of money that you save isn’t critical; it’s about starting, and saving regularly.

This year, I thought it would be fun to create small ways to save during every month in the New Year.

Monthly Saving Money Challenge

How It Works:

This one’s for those of you who get paid monthly.  If you pay yourself first when you receive your monthly check, saving is that much easier!  You don’t necessarily have to save these amounts in the month that they’re listed in. They arranged so that you save more when there are fewer holidays. And less in months like January and February, which tend to be more expensive months.

Typically with money challenges, you can save more money to reach other goals.  Most importantly, they are helpful in saving money because they hold you accountable to the end goal.

Money saving challenges can help you save money for a variety of things like:

  • The holidays
  • Emergency fund
  • Down-payment on a home
  • Money to invest in stocks
  • Home improvement projects
  • Vacations
  • And more!


Are you Ready For A Money Challenge?

Save more of your money by challenging yourself to find the rands you didn’t know you had!

Start Saving TODAY!




How It Works:

The spare change challenge is simply what the name suggests. Throughout the year, your goal is to save all your spare change!  To keep the money organize, consider saving a mason jar (or a few mason jars) to hold all the change.  Don’t worry about counting the money until the year is over!  That way you aren’t tempted to use the money that you have accumulated.

The whole point of the 12 Months = 12 Savings Challenges is for you to discover rands that you didn’t know you had, so you can save for the things that are important to you. So use your savings for your priorities and goals!

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