How do you handle your money more intelligently, so you can have more, give more and get the life that you want?
Here are some things you can do to start managing your money now.


Revisit your belief

When I say “Rich people” what does that bring up for you? When you think about rich people are they good or are they bad? What are their values like? Do you want to become one of them?
Sometimes you will discover, where you come from. Where you live. What you heard about money while growing up, is unconsciously driving your life today.
I don’t know about you, but my parents would quite often say things like: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Or “Who do you think I am? Rockefeller?”
One of the basic drives we have to to be congruent in our thoughts and behaviors. So if we think a type of person is negative, then subconsciously we do everything in our power to avoid being like them. So if you think wealthy people are bad, guess what? Chances are you will do everything to avoid becoming like them.
So that is why it is important to revisit those old stories and phrases we heard growing up.
  • Money is the root of evil
  • People will ask me for money if I’m rich
  • Rich people are greedy
  • It takes money to make money
  • People with money are selfish
So what is your story about money? Is it positive or negative? Is wealth something that will bring you more joy, more happiness? Will you have the ability to give and serve more by being wealthy? Or is it something that terrifies you?
You need to redefine what money means to you.
I was in the corporate world, making my way up the ladder, earning more money. Then I decided to go out on my own There were times I was broke and the bills were pilling up. It would have been easy for me to quit and go back into the corporate world, where I had a steady income. But I stuck it out. I worked at dealing with all my past limiting beliefs. It’s not that it changed over night. It takes constant working on and checking in with myself and my beliefs.
When you have money you will be able to do more for you and your family. You will be able to give more to the causes you are passionate about. You will find ways to use money to make you and others happy.
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Make it Automatic

I’m sure you already know this. If you are not already doing this, start taking steps to start saving and investing automatically.
When your salary comes into your bank account, have an automatic transfer out your account setup. Don’t leave your savings or investments to chance. If you do it will never happen. Don’t think “I’ll see what’s left once I have paid everything and save that”. You will never have money “left over” to save and invest. Decide today how much, you are going to set aside for your future. Regardless of whatever else is happening. If you set this up as an automatic transfer, then you won’t have it to spend when your salary comes in.
Start to do this. If you leave it to chance, chances are you won’t save consistently. If yo are in charge of making it happen and it is not automatic, you’ll end up spending it. Make sure our are guaranteeing your future but making savings automatic.

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Stop Complaining

What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like something is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain. – Maya Angelou
One of the most natural things to do is to complain. You rarely meet a person who does not complain about something. Complaining is usually the result of dissatisfaction in something or someone. While this can be justifiable, there is one area where complaining has zero effect. In fact it makes the situation worse. Yes you guessed it, it’s the area of money.
I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Where focus goes, energy flows”. The more you complain about something, the more of it you attract into your life. This is true in the area of money.
Have you noticed that those who complain about the lack of money are usually the ones that don’t have any? They complain about the rich and what they have. They never consider what they could be doing to change their own circumstances.
When it comes to money, in fact anything in our lives, we are 100% responsible for the results we get.
The wealthy have a “make it happen” mentality. If they need money to start a business or to meet their needs, their mind is programmed to find ways to get what they need.
Don’t complain about what you don’t have. Start using what you do have to increase your net worth. You’ll be surprised how you can turn R50 into R150 if you stat thinking creatively.
So how do you handle your money? Sometimes you need to push the boundaries and start managing your money a lot differently than you are used to.

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