How to handle fear and your finances in times of crisis

During this time of income uncertainty, getting up-to-date information can ease your stress and worry. Here’s where to start.

We are living in interesting times.  Many people are worried about their jobs and the future.  This is an unprecedented time of trying to manage our lives, take care of our loved ones, help neighbors and strangers, and somehow make ends meet with the income we have left. Concerns over the economic impact of COVID-19 are very real; no matter who you are or where you live, this is one crisis no one can escape.


Join me for this webinar on Friday 4th April 2020 10:00am (SAST) where is will share steps you can take to manage your fear and finances in this time of crisis.

What you going to learn

Amid all these unknowns people are not sure how to plan going forward.  As fear sets in, we are unsure what the future will bring  or how to handle it.  How can we be positive and productive during this global pandemic? How do we handle the stress, fear and anxiety and plan for the future?


While it might be too late to build an emergency fund (if you don’t have one) learn how to create an emergency budget and work with a possible reduction of income.


Amid the chaos and fear how are you thinking about the future? How are you thinking about next week, next month, next year?  By establishing and sticking to a plan will get you through this crisis.  Learn the steps to creating this.