Have you ever felt like you are working hard, yet not achieving your goals? Maybe when you reflect over the past 10 years, you see little improvement in your life.

The fact is, many people spend their lives drifting from one year to the next, accomplishing very little.

Less than 8% of people set goals and work at achieving them. 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. 25% of these people give up within a week of setting the goal. 90% of people will set the same goal 10 times without achieving it.

Without a designed life, having goals is pointless.

So how do you get everything you want? One of the important steps that you can take is by setting goals.

The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. Oliver Wendell Holmes

Schedule it

What do you use a calendar for? Reminding you of appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and doctors’ appointments. Many people use a calendar to record simple tasks, but there is no big picture. No looking at the year and saying: “What kind of person do I want to be in a year from now?”  Or how about: “What do I want to have accomplished, contributed or connected with over the next 12 months?”

Because of that life tends to feel like being stuck on a hamster wheel, with the same things happening day-in and day-out. I don’t know about you,, but I tend to feel lost with no sense of direction or purpose. People tend to be busy with a lot of things, but not really growing. With no sense of direction and purpose we tend to just react to the things happening around us.

So think about the next 12 months of your life and plan the year out. That way you will have a year of growth.

What are some areas in your life that you can do this in?

Skill Development

What skills do you want to develop? Have you put those skills on the calendar, with specific goals and milestones?

Imagine a friend of yours excitedly tells you, they have just bought a saxophone, and they want to be able to play it. But they don’t find a tutor or schedule how to learn how to play it. Are they going to learn how to play the sax anytime soon? Now what if they found a tutor, decided on the songs they wanted to learn to play perfectly without music sheets by the end of the year. And they scheduled into their calendar to learn a new song each month. That is skill development.

It’s having a goal in mind, more than simply doing a task. If you don’t have an outcome in mind, there will be no growth.

So I get super nervous when I present, whether it is live or when I am recording my training’s. I have my entire presentation written up. Now to change that, to be able to be more natural and present with confidence, I need to practice doing it without notes. In order to achieve this I need to practice every month to present, so that by the end of the year I am able to present without notes. If i don’t schedule it, it will never happen.

What skill do you want to develop? Do you have your calendar setup with defined goals and milestones, so as to master the skill?

Saving Money

Let’s say your goal is to save money this year. How could you go about scheduling that on your calendar?

I struggled for a very long time in this area. I did not setup regular monthly saving. I would save if I had month left at the end of paying everything else. Then I decided to have an actual goal in mind. How much I was going to save, what I wanted to save for, how long it would take me to save. I created a Savings tracker; put it up above my desk, where I could see it every day. Then I setup automatic transfers to happen when money comes in, it would be transferred to my savings account. It has now become a game for me, every month I get to color in my tracker and see how much interest I get on my savings. I get super excited watching my savings pots grow every month.

Do you have a goal to save? Have you scheduled it to happen every month?


How can you get everything you want, when it comes to your health? Could you finish the next 12 months healthier than you are today? What would it take for you to be healthier? And what would healthier look like for you?

Maybe it is to be able to walk up the stairs at work without being out of breath. Or maybe it is to better your personal time when running a marathon. How about wanting to lose those extra kgs you have put on. Maybe it is eating healthier.

Have you scheduled it? What steps will you take to achieve better health? The next level of health for you is going to help you to live a better life.


How to get everything you want

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Set a monthly challenge

Have a rhythm in your life, where every 30 days you have a personal challenge. Work to becoming a better version of yourself. Challenge yourself; be on the path to mastery throughout the year.

For example for the month of January you decide to be more connecting and present with your friends, family and coworkers. Being more open to listening to them and spending time with them. Then spend the month journaling how you are doing this. Where you can improve in being more connecting.

Even if you don’t get it 100% right, the next month you set yourself a new challenge. By doing this you will be growing throughout the year.

So what are you going to do in this next month? What are you going to strive for over the next 12 months? How is your health, finances and personal relationships going to be like over the next 12 months? What are you going to create and contribute? How are you going to get everything you want? What do you really want to achieve and feel in the next couple of months?

Set yourself up for success by having goals and milestones scheduled and strive to achieve them. You will then have everything you want.


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