Have you ever wondered what makes you different from successful people? Do you want to know how successful people think?
There is a huge difference in the way successful and unsuccessful people think. Success itself is not a great mystery that people haven’t figured out before. Even though when we are struggling, when we are fighting and we are just trying to get by. It can feel like this unknowable process. We all know success is a mind game. Look across history, successful people don’t come from a given background. They don’t come from a special economic statue. Some people succeed, others don’t.
So what makes successful people different? How do successful people think?


Mind management

It comes down to how we manage our minds. How we manage our days. There is a difference in successful and unsuccessful people in how they think about approaching something new. Unsuccessful people when they have a BIG dream, they look at what they need to achieve it. They get very limiting in their beliefs about themselves and what is possible.
They say three types of things:
  1. “I don’t know how to do that”….. so they stop
  2. “I don’t have what I need”… so they stop
  3. “I’m not like those people”… so they stop

Focus on solving problems

Successful people have a different way of doing things. Everyone has dreams. Everyone has a vision. Take 5 minutes today, think about your life. Come up with ways you can improve your life. The challenge of unsuccessful people is they keep on stopping when they think about what they currently know, have, are.
Successful people say: “I want to do that, but I don’t know how.” But instead os stopping, they say: “My job is to go learn how.” They take their current limitations and make it their mission to figure it out. Instead of saying: “I don’t have what I need,” they say: “Then it is my job to go build it.” Instead of saying: “I’m not like that,” they say: “Then it is my job to become more of that. Become the person who can do that.”
When I started out I didn’t have a clue about social media, how to create a website or create a blog. So I spent months doing research. Reading articles, books, taking courses and asking questions. In fact I am still doing all that, so everyday I am getting better at it and constantly improving.

Invest in yourself

Every decision you make comes from you. So whether you make a lot of money or a little, are a result of the decisions you make, the actions you take. Invest in yourself, your mindset, your attitude, in your character. Invest in learning about your habits and changing them. When you invest in your personal development, you are taking a shortcut to success.
We have to change ourselves in order to achieve our dreams. We have to become the kind of person who we need to be to achieve our ideal life. You can start today. Living from your highest ideals, your highest sense of self. You don’t need permission. Just do it! Becoming your best self, you start to achieve your best things. You start to contribute better things. You start to become a better human being.
If you don’t pay the price for success, you will pay the price for failure. – Zig Ziglar

Learn continuously

Successful people make the time to read, attend classes, take workshops and watch worthwhile webinars. They know enhancing their current skills and developing new ones is essential.
What about you? How much time do you spend on improving your skills and knowledge? How much time do you spend reading each day? How many seminars and courses do you go for each year?
If Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey can find the time to read, then so can you. Read in a book before you go to bed or listen to a podcast during your daily commute. You can pick a book or podcast to listen to when you exercise, or choose to attend an online lecture during your lunch-break
The next time you have a big dream, don’t think: “I don’t know how,” and stop. Take the time to learn how. “I don’t have what I need”, then make the time to build it. “T’m not like that,” then set it up step-by-step to learn the skill set so that you can become that and achieve your dream.

Start thinking how successful people think!

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