I get emails all the time asking “Carrie-Anne, how do I make more money?”
So what do you do when you don’t have money?
I get it. I’ve been through that challenge and struggle. There were days when I was not sure where I was going to get the money just to buy a few groceries. For a long period I had to juggle paying things or buying food.
I was struggling. What do I do? How do you overcome that?
You begin with yourself not your bank account. If your self-worth is low, your value in the marketplace will always be as low. If you don’t value yourself no one else is going to value you. – Brendon Burchard

Accept responsibility
I know that’s a tough one to hear. But the reality is only you can change your situation. One morning I woke up and decided that I was not going to accept this way of life any more. This was not living, this was surviving, barely.
So I starting reading booking on money management. I read articles, just like this one. I joined free webinars, I joined free events. Starting taking courses. I made it my business to start learning how to manage my money better.
Whatever mess or challenge you’re in right now, it’s your job and it’s on your shoulders to fix it. You might need to get some help. You might need to get some training. You might need to get some support, but it’s your job to right the ship. Nothing is going to suddenly emerge. You aren’t going to win the lottery. You’re not going to get lucky at this.
There are only two things that change your life. Either something new comes in, maybe you win the lottery. Or you get an inheritance and things turn around. The second thing is that something new comes from within. You get a greater hunger, a greater passion, a greater commitment to go out there and crush it again.

Raise your standards

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than anyone else? “It’s because they have raised their standard,” says Tony Robbins. The only thing that creates lasting change is if you raise your standards.
But what does that mean? “How can I change my standards, if I have no money?”
Simply put, “you need to change your needs into musts” according to Tony Robbins. “The things that you should do, you only do when it is convenient for you to do. When you must do something, you do everything in your power to make sure it gets done.”
Start surrounding yourself with people who’s standards are higher than yours. This will encourage you to start raising  your standards.
Your income right now, is the result of your standards. Your level of of commitment is what makes you successful. You are currently earning what you must earn and not a cent more. Once I understood that things started to shift for me. You create your level of income.
It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours, and you’ll drift in that direction. – Warren Buffett
I read something the other day: ” Add up all the salaries of the people you hang around with. The most you will every earn is the average of all their income combined.” In other words you will never earn more money than the people you spend time with all the time. This is why broke people hang around other broke people.
Change your inner circle and everything else changes.

Change your spending habits


Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you to this. – Dave Ramsey

Being broke for most people is a direct result of bad money management. Those with very little money tend to overspend.
Their debt continues to increase, because they try to maintain a certain lifestyle. Even though they are struggling.
We live in a “buy now pay later” society. So instead of saving until we have enough to buy something, we put it on our credit cards or take out loans. And most times we buy things that we don’t really need.
Take a moment and look at the things you bought and are paying off right now. Are you using them or are they in the back of the closet or gathering dust in the garage? And yet you are still paying for them. Have a look at the things you pay subscriptions to. Your gym membership for instance, when was the last time you went to gym.? What about that magazine subscription you took out, and the last 6 issues are still in their wrapping?
I bet if you took a good look at your bank statement you will find a bunch of other things that you pay for, but you are not actually using. Time to do a spending clean-up!
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Emotional Satisfaction

Broke people spend money buying things because it makes them feel good.
How often have you had a bad day or week and you head off to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes, to feel better?
When it comes to money you have to think with your head and not your heart. Those who think with their heart when it comes to money, struggle financially. Because they make money decisions with emotion and not logic.

Get serious about tomorrow.

So “how do I make more money?” Value the day. Ask how you can add more value into the day. Really work the day, and as you do that over and over again, you ask… “How can I serve? Contribute? Take it to the next level?” You do that long enough and the breakthrough happens. The magic happens.
And the money takes care of itself.

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