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Ever experienced more month than salary? Well that’s called budgeting and not Financial Planning!

Financial Planning in our current world is changing faster than the speed of lighting! Today people are realising that the power of saving using ‘the system’ i.e. compound interest is much better than any Financial Lending Institute can offer. In today’s microwavable society, there is a sense of ‘is it done yet?’ Consumers are more concerned about looking good and impressing their mates to live up to the impression of the standard of the Jones’s. This often leads to higher debts and thus a Financial Plan can save your life in the case of Death, Divorce, Disability, Retrenchment, and when a Dreaded Disease comes knocking! Similarly it’s also a great way to assist with continuation of your business, assists when you buy a house (cheaper than any bond cover) and can ensure your kids go to private schools! So let’s tear apart what Financial Planning is:

  1. Asset Protection: Income Protection, Retrenchment Cover, Disability Cover, Dreaded Disease Protection.
  2. Asset Creation: Retirement Savings, Short Terms Savings, Long terms savings, Unit Trust Investments, Tax Free Savings and kids Education Plans.
  3. Medical Aid & GAP Protection Cover: GAP is there to assist you between what the hospitals cover and doctors charge vs. what the Medical Aid covers.
  4. Corporate Fund Implementation Planning: the implementation of retirement fund, medical aid and risk protection by business owners for their staff for the purpose of creating a more happy and secure environment. What most people don’t know is that you can claim back the contributions you make towards your staff.
  5. Will and Estate Planning: A Will speaks for you when you can’t. The power of Estate Planning gives you the ability to minimize your tax leaving your legacy to your family.
  6. Own Your Life Rewards: Liberty’s Own Your Life Rewards program is  wellness rewards program. This is where we give back to our clients. Part of the ‘freebies’ are free gym, movies, travel, parking and match day tickets to mention but a few!

Should you wish to book a free consultation, contact me directly: [email protected] or our office at 021 526 1090 and we will gladly help where we can!  Remember: ‘the job of a financial planner is not done until the risk need has been taken care of!’


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