Having a millionaire mindset is about focusing on growth so that you can achieve the outcomes you desire for your life.  However you have to think a certain way so that you can act a certain way, so that you can make progress on the things you want to accomplish for yourself.

If you are serious about building wealth, follow these 9 steps to develop a millionaire mindset.

Always have a vision

When it comes to accomplishing your goals and getting what you really want for your life, you have to see yourself beyond where you are now. This means getting clear on the vision you have for yourself as to how you want your life to be in the future.

So grab your notebook, take some time out to really get clear on your vision for your life.

  1. Plan and write down ways on how to accomplish your vision
  2. Set reminders to help keep you on track

Be productive

When you have a BIG vision for your life, you don’t want to spend hours doing things that won’t help you achieve your goals.  This is not saying that you should not have some timeout, but you want to plan out your schedule. You want to plan out your day so that you are being as productive as possible.  Taking steps that will bring you closer to achieving your vision.

  1. Plan your day to stay productive
  2. Productivity that moves you closer to achieving your vision

It’s one thing being productive, but you need to make sure that all that productivity is tied to specific results that are tied to the vison you want to accomplish.

Admit when you don’t know something or need help

There is no shame is not knowing what you don’t know.  However there are great opportunities to grow when admitting you don’t know something and need help. Getting that knowledge can help you achieve your vision.

Work to learn

Yes working for money is great, but you want to look beyond just working for money. Instead you want to work to learn.  When you work to learn you:

  1. Expand your skill set and capabilities
  2. Expand your mindset
  3. Open yourself up to new opportunities

Find mentors

I am sure you have heard the saying: “Your network is your net worth.” The people you surround yourself with, the people who inspire and motivate you, are the people who can elevate you to getting closer to achieving your vision. That means you want to reach out to the people who inspire you.  That does not mean that you need to personally know them.  You get to know them by following their work.  Make them your virtual mentors.

I have several mentors and I:

  1. Read their books
  2. Listen to their podcast and watch their videos
  3. Signup for their courses

Stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to great personal growth.  Be intentional about finding mentors that get you closer to achieving your vision.

Be open to Opportunities

Be open to learning more, to improving yourself.  There are always new opportunities out there, you just need to be open to them.  When you look at the success stories, they have come out of difficult times.  So be open to seeking opportunities for yourself.

 Believe in abundance

So many people hold themselves back because they have a scarcity mindset.  They believe that their isn’t enough to go round so what is the point in pursuing a BIG vision, when abundance is limited.  Abundance is not a limited resource, there is more than enough to go around for everyone.  Open your mind to believe that there is more than enough abundance for you and everyone else.

Learn how to manage your money

When it comes to building wealth, achieving your vision and becoming successful, your finances are fundamental. You need to:

  1. Create a plan to pay off your debt
  2. Allocate money for savings and investing

This is key to having success and to achieving the vision for your life.  Money management is not something we are born with.  Most families don’t sit down and discuss money.  You can change this.  You can take it upon yourself to learn and to teach others within your circle of influence.  A key step to having a millionaire mindset is managing your money.


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Don’t be afraid to fail

Mistakes happen. You may fail, but failing is never final.  There is a lesson in failing that you can apply the next time around.  It is a stepping stone to your success.  Embrace failure and keep an open mind.  It can help you achieve your BIG vision, if you take the lessons learnt and apply them.  Failure is a great opportunity for growth.

“Getting rich takes focus, courage, knowledge, expertise, 100 percent of your effort, a never-give-up-attitude, and of course, a rich mindset.”

Conditioning your mind to become that of a millionaire’s takes focus. To see success, you have to be 100% in on changing your life. If you are not willing to give it everything you have, you won’t get the same rewards as those who did.

Things might not always go right, and not every plan you make will be perfect, but millionaires get up more times than they fall down and keep pushing through towards the end goal.

You need the right mindset if you want to push through the trials and reach your goals

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