If you feel stuck in your situation or that you simply cannot get ahead no matter what you do, you need to make some changes to the way that you handle your finances. You need to stop sabotaging your finances and really begin to make changes. These challenges vary in length but can make a big difference in how successful you are in handling your finances over the year.

A lot of money success comes down to one simple thing: maintaining good daily habits that encourage reduced spending and smarter financial routines


If you are struggling with handling your finances, then you likely need to start budgeting. Your budget is your best tool to change your financial future. If you are not already budgeting each month, you need to set up a budget now. If you have a budget, but it is not working, take the time to figure out how to fix your budget so you can start to make your money work for you.


A bit of retail therapy brings us a lot of joy. But it’s important to pause and consider how much of our spending is useful. At home, our cupboards and wardrobes are full of clothes, shoes, and belongings, often bought for the sake of buying. We would rarely ever put these items to use. Buying them had brought us a fleeting sense of euphoria but also burnt a hole through our pocket.


One of the biggest ways to waste your money is by eating out. The occasional splurge may be okay, but the savings can add up if you start cooking at home instead of eating out each day. Take the challenge to stop eating out by cooking at home for at least a week. The next week, start taking your lunches to work. You may be surprised at just how much you can save.


One of the most foolish things you can do is to carry a lot of debt, especially credit card debt. If you want to change your financial picture and gain more financial opportunities, you need to work on paying off your debt as quickly as possible. Set up a debt payment plan today and set goals that can help you pay it off as quickly as possible.  


Another challenge is to put money into savings each month. This could be money that you find by saving on your grocery budget each month. It could be a set amount that you put aside from each paycheck. Look for ways to increase your savings. Start paying yourself each month. Soon the money will start adding up.


A lot of money success comes down to one simple thing: maintaining good daily habits that encourage reduced spending and smarter financial routines. A money challenge is a great way to accomplish those goals. It provides an opportunity to give a “trial run” to a new way of life.


Join the Ultimate Monthly Money Challenge

Struggling to save, steep living and lifestyle expenses, and chronic debt are problems that the vast majority of South Africans face year in and year out. The solution? More money. If we had more money, we might be able to put a little aside each month; we might be able to afford the things we need and want; and we’d be able to dig ourselves out of debt. However, short of winning the lottery or inheriting a windfall from some long lost rich relative, more money isn’t going to fall into our laps. Instead, we need to learn to save irrespective of how generous our salaries are or aren’t.

The Ultimate Monthly Money Challenge is an excellent place to start and it’s a plan that is accessible to everyone.



If you want to change something about your finances, but you are not sure where to start, you should consider reading a book about the subject.



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