Carrie-Anne Diniz

Owner CentsAccountability

This Is My Story

Carrie-Anne started her business CentsAccountability in January 2000. She studied at Birnam Business College in Johannesburg and had informal training from the accountants and auditors, Haak Fourie Snyman. She works with numerous small business owners, handling their accounting needs. Her work with business owners is not just doing the monthly bookkeeping – but creating budgets, cash flows, working out break-even points, management packs, attending Board meetings and looking at different ways to grow the business. She provides services to assist clients in making the correct business decisions and keeps them informed of any legislative changes. Carrie-Anne works with entrepreneurs, both mentoring and coaching to enable them to reach their full potential. She will work with you on a weekly/monthly basis to help you create absolute clarity as to what it is you want from your business and how to achieve it. Carrie-Anne will hold you accountable for taking the relevant agreed upon action steps in this regard, and will monitor and help you assess the results. Carrie-Anne’s goal in working with business owners is not only to make sure that their books are up-to-date, but that the owner understands their financial reports. Her aim is to provide a value added service to all her clients, and prides herself in supplying an honest, reliable high-quality service. Her mission is to encourage personal and business growth through knowledge.

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