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What we will be covering


What's a budget and where to start

Learn how to create a budget by setting goals, calculating your income and figuring out your expenses.


Make a realistic budget

Learn the secrets of sticking to a budget by making it more realistic.

Tracking your Expenses

Learn how to create a system to make paying bills easier. Get tips on organising paper and electronic bills and how to keep track of bills after you pay them.

Understand your income

Learn how to budget your money when your income is irregular.

What is your budget missing

Learn about all of the expenses you should be budgeting for, but aren’t.


Common Mistakes

Learn some problem areas in your budget and how to fix them.

This course has been beneficial to me. Understanding the concept of spending ratio was a breakthrough for me. I have started recording my expenses and have resolved to keep reducing my SR. I recommend the course to any person struggling financially who is determined to improve his finances.

Ajanobi Cajetan


For a long time now I’ve been trying so hard to understand how the budget works, two years ago someone showed me how to write down all the expenses I have for the month. As we speak I have a book full of all the information but no knowledge of how to make it work for me. 

Often times I’ve been asking myself the question “Now what”. By following you I’m really starting to understand but still have a long way to go. I’m a spender, I just can’t seem to walk away from the “specials”. lately I decided not to keep my bank card with me, a friend is keeping it for me until the end of the month, even though there’s  still a lot of specials I’m okay because I told myself that I have no money. Hopefully this habit will stick in my head for a long time.

Before you came along I’ve been doing my own research (trying to make it work) about budgeting but the problem was most of it was in a different currencies from my own which made it difficult for me to work out, but I still got the idea. Now that I found you I find that I’m more relaxed about the learning process. Thank you for assisting me understand what I’ve been doing wrong, I’m hoping to learn a whole lot more in future.

Tracy Mazubane

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