So you want to be rich?
Why aren’t you?
When you’re not doing as well as you want to be financially, it’s not the lack of money that’s the problem. A lack of money is a symptom of what’s going on underneath. What’s the root cause? Bad habits are preventing you from becoming rich.
We are creatures of habit. It’s just how we are wired. We learn how to do something and if we do it a few times, it can quickly become a habit.
Here are some bad habits that are preventing you from becoming rich.


Blaming others

If you’re failing financially, it’s not due to the universe’s cruelty. It’s not the economy. It’s not even your parents who didn’t understand, or anyone else holding you back.
Instead, it’s you. This isn’t about pointing fingers to say how bad you are, or that it’s your fault that you’re in the situation you’re in. It’s not about you being too lazy, or too insufficient, or not enough in any way, shape or form. But you are responsible for working with whatever it is you have to work with to get out of being in the position you’re in.
As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”.
If you want to create real success, it’s imperative that you believe you are at the steering wheel of your life. You have to believe that you are the one that creates your success, mediocrity, and any struggle you encounter.
Instead of taking full responsibility for their lot in life, most people play the role of the victim. Don’t let that be you. Don’t blame your city, taxes, government, or your employer. Instead, change your inner world to be one of responsibility. Create a blueprint of your life that acknowledges you have control over your future.

Charging ordinary living expenses on a credit card

Are you living beyond your means? If you are unable to afford meeting your ordinary living expenses and must resort to the use of a credit card, then you are. Credit card debt is the third leading cause of bankruptcy, behind a job loss and medical costs.

Watching too much TV

The rich would rather spend their time developing as an individual. Reading, thinking, exercising or any other activity that encourages self-education. ‘Making productive use of time’ is what separates successful people from everyone else. Wasting time is what holds many people back.
  • 77% of poor people watched more than an hour of TV every day
  • 67% of the self-made millionaires watched less than an hour of TV every day

You don’t have a saving strategy.

It’s common for people to spend most of their paychecks. And then put whatever money they have left into savings. But if you want to grow your net worth, saving needs to be your first priority.
There’s no hard-and-fast rule about how much you should save each month. It depends on what your financial goals are. , How much money you’ll need, and how much time you have until you need to draw upon that money. Create a plan for each of your financial goals, listing how much you need and how many months you have to save for it. Then divide the total cost by the number of months to figure out how much you need to save each month.
If you can’t currently save as much as you’d like to, save as much as you can. Then increase your savings rate every time you get a raise. Put any extra money, like a yearly bonus or tax refund, in your savings as well.
  • 95% of poor people did not save and most accumulated debt to subsidize their standard of living. They also have no money saved for retirement, their kids’ education or their own personal endeavors.

Impulse spending

Spontaneous spending is never a good idea. You need to take the emotion out of your spending habits. There is always time to plan and shop before your spend your hard-earned money.
Creating budget and getting into the habit of writing down everything you spend will keep you on the right track. It will also open your eyes for the first time. You will be suprised to find out how much you spend on certain budget categories — and that’s a good thing.
Getting control of your spending is not an easy task. Once it becomes a daily habit, it gets much easier.
Start working on breaking these Bad Habits That Are Preventing You From Becoming Rich.

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