Do you ever wonder why some people seem to effortlessly attract wealth and success into their lives? And for you it may seem that you never seem to get a break and life always feels like a struggle? 
Deep down, you know that you’re just as good as your wealthy, successful friends. But you can’t work out why they achieve and you don’t. 
The answer may lie within you. 

Self-limiting beliefs are one of the most common ways that we humans can prevent ourselves from fulfilling our potential. Often referred to as core beliefs because they are a core part of our subconscious programming, they are very powerful. They often stem from early childhood
Money is one of the main areas where limiting core beliefs can make a huge negative impact. Some of the most common ones are
  • I never have enough
  • Don’t deserve it
  • Work hard to earn money
  • Life is unfair
  • Only lucky people are rich
  • Money is evil     and
  • It doesn’t grow on trees.


Are you constantly anxious about not having enough money? Reluctant to spend out of fear that you will run out of funds? Scared that you will remain broke forever?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you most likely have the limiting belief: “Money is a limited resource.” AND “if I spend money, I will never have enough”.
Many people struggle with making ends meet. Money is only one symbol of abundance. You need to understand abundance. Why is it that many people get bigger paychecks but still end up broke? There are many people who have a lot of money but who are living in poverty.
Here’s the thing about financial abundance – it’s infinite. Money is always flowing. Those who are tuned into this energy can spend as much as they want. They know that money will ALWAYS flow back into their bank account, one way or another.
Yeah, sure, they spend in accordance with their income. But the reason they’ve achieved this income in the first place is that they are wired this way.


One of the biggest blocks to receiving abundance is the feeling you don’t deserve it, and for some people this feeling is right up on the surface. They know they don’t feel deserving of prosperity. However, it’s an emotion or belief that’s buried deep under the surface. They may not even be aware of the belief, yet it’s blocking them from receiving.
If you take a look at some of the wealthiest people around the planet, you’ll find the majority of them feel they deserve to be rich.
The biggest difference between rich people and the rest of the crowd may be their mindset.
In fact, contrary to popular belief, “everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth,
“While average people believe that they aren’t worthy of a great fortune, wealthy people believe they deserve to be rich. If they solve problems and create massive value, they believe they have the right to be rich,” says Siebold in his book, “How Rich People Think.”
“And since they have this belief, their behavior moves them toward the manifestation of their dreams. Whether they actually deserve to be rich or not is irrelevant. Like all beliefs, they don’t have to be true to be acted on.”
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Do you have to though? Or is it possible that simply having this limiting belief is blocking you from new opportunities, choices, and habits that could help you earn more with less effort?
If you believe this, then it is really convince yourself of the extreme, that simply putting in big effort will yield a big return. The world doesn’t work this way. Plenty of people work harder than you or me, for pennies per hour. The relationship between value and effort isn’t so simple.
The ultra wealthy, on the other hand, believe in working for fulfillment. Once they find a job they love, they invest their heart and soul into it. They become one of the best in their field and are rewarded with uncommon wealth.
Change your mindset: It’s possible to do what you love and get super wealthy doing it. Find a rich and successful person who is passionate about their job. Ask them how they got there. Get inspired.


When a person becomes a millionaire and inheritance is known not to be the source, their success is often ascribed to luck.
Looking at a few well-known billionaires, ask yourself how much luck figured into the building of their wealth:
  • Did luck enabled Warren Buffett to make dozens of smart investments which made him one of the richest men in the world?
  • Was it luck that Bill Gates built Microsoft from the ground up, to also become one of the richest men in the world?
  • Did Jeff Bezos reach that level because he got lucky when he launched Amazon?
These men are the three richest people in the world, and the clear pattern from each man’s life is it had little to do with luck. Each developed the ability to take something small – an amount of money, a product, or a business concept – and build it into something phenomenal over a period of years.
Becoming a millionaire is a matter of putting yourself in a position where “luck” will work in your favor. That’s not even luck, but effort meeting opportunity. You can’t make that happen until you step outside yourself, and take chances.
This means putting yourself in places where opportunities will present themselves. Try new ventures, including new businesses and investments.


The world is full of money. We are surrounded by all the things we aspire to have. You probably know people who have attracted abundance into their lives. So, the facts are: what we want exists and it is possible to obtain it. It’s not about deserving anything or being entitled to anything, You want to open yourself up to accept it
Rich people’s brains are conditioned to think positively about money. They’re not scared to play with it. To take financial risks and invest it in projects. They believe in the concept of “I trust myself that I will always have enough”.


Value yourself as a person. Value all your skills and experiences and even your mistakes as learning opportunities. When you value yourself, you subconsciously allow yourself to be open to and accepting of life’s rewards

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